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Resident Manager

Overview of Position:
Serve as the Resident Manager for Camp Lake Louise, Boyne Falls, Michigan and perform related work as required.

Distinguishing Features:
A deep personal commitment to Jesus Christ that involves continued personal spiritual growth and a call to the ministry of Christian camping. The Resident Manger performs the necessary duties for programming, management, and promotion of the camp. Procedures are governed by policies executed by the Board of Directors, as well as qualifications outlined by Michigan DSS Rule 109(1) and must be executed accordingly. The work is performed under the general supervision of the Camp Lake Louise Board of Directors (Board).

General Areas of Responsibility
Be responsible for day-to-day operation of the camp and for development of the camp ministry
Live on site in housing provided during camp season
Will be on site during camp season. In the event Resident Manager must be off site for more than five consecutive days, he/she will schedule a person to supervise the camp in his/her absence and will notify Board chair of absence
Serve as an ex-officio Board member and provide Resident Manager’s report in preparation for quarterly Board meeting
Provide a regular report to ABC-MI Executive Minister and CLL Board Chair

Essential Functions: (including but not limited to)
Christian vision and leadership –develop and implement activities for staff emphasizing spiritual accountability

Supervision of employed staff
 Ensure fulfillment of job description for each category of staff
 Recruit, employ, train and evaluate staff
 Maintain personnel record for each staff person
(including application, references, criminal clearance documents, health records, other documents as identified/needed)

Supervision of volunteers
 Create job description for each type of volunteer position
 Recruit, employ, train and evaluate volunteers
 Maintain personnel record for each volunteer
(including application, references, criminal clearance documents, health records, other documents as identified/needed)

 Work with Board to determine ministry goals for overall camp program
 Evaluate current program(s) in regard to effectiveness in achieving set ministry goals
 Develop new programs to strengthen/expand the camp’s ministry
 Provide site recommendations and facility use to the Board

 Assist the Board in the development of an annual budget
 Provide financial records to the treasurer on a monthly basis

 Maintain files, documents and equipment necessary to meet all state regulations for licensing
 Supervise any improvements or upgrades required by the County Health Department, State Fire Marshall, Department of Social Services (n/k/a Department of Human Services), or Federal Government Commodities.

Promotion /Marketing
 Promote the camp through contacts with churches, conferences, youth groups, and other groups (especially during “off-season”)
 Create and maintain promotion materials (including photographs, videos, etc.).

 Lead fundraising process; assist the Board with identifying new donors and sources of revenue
 Donations/contributions (cash, in-kind)
• Send acknowledgement and thank you to those making donations/contributions (both cash and material gifts)
• Provide a monthly record of donations to treasurer or treasurer’s delegate, i.e., registrar/bookkeeper

Site Maintenance
 Oversee the maintenance of facilities
 Develop and implement short range and long range improvements of grounds, buildings and equipment
 Maintain accurate inventory of camp property

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

 A working knowledge of Camp Lake Louise policies and procedures
 A working knowledge of State of Michigan camp operation requirements

 Excellent written and interpersonal communication skills
 Ability to follow complex oral and written directions
 Ability to relate well with others as a supervisor and as a colleague
 Good judgment, tact and courtesy
 Proficient in Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint
 An understanding of basic financial accounting and bookkeeping

The Resident Manager is accountable to the Camp Lake Louise Board of Directors, corporately and to individual board members relating to their area of specialty, and to the Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of Michigan or his/her designee.

Must be 21 years of age.
Must meet or exceed qualifications outlined by Michigan DSS Rule 109 (1).
Bachelor’s degree and/or five years of previous camp leadership experience
Must possess a valid driver’s license
Willingness to gain additional professional training and certifications as required

Physical Requirements:
The ability to work long hours during the camping season, and be on call 24 hours per day
The ability to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time
The ability to climb stairs and ladders
The ability to lift 50 Lbs.
With training, properly operate camp mechanical equipment, power boat, tractors, mowers, etc.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Assistant Director



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Job Contact:
Michelle Hauch

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Why work at Camp Lake Louise:

Camp Lake Louise, located near Boyne Falls, Mi. is a quality Christian camp decated to leading campers to know God, love God, serve God through faith in Jesus Christ. View our website at You will find our staff ready to return year

10750 Stafford Rd.
    Boyne Falls, MI 49713-9609


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