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Building Maintenance Manager

Building Maintenance Manager

Responsible to: The Building Maintenance Coordinator and the Facilities Director

Responsible for: Any salaried, hourly, and volunteer staff assigned by the Building Maintenance Coordinator. Maintain open communication with the other staff being sensitive to any needs of which you may be able to help.

General: Under the direction of the Building Maintenance Coordinator, help maintain the physical properties of the corporation. The accomplishing of this objective is to be consistent with the principles of the Christian faith and in a manner that will glorify Jesus Christ. We want New Life Ranch to be a clean, safe, and attractive place for our guests to enjoy rest, fellowship, fun and most important–spiritual renewal. Be prepared to counsel other facility employees, staff or campers assisting with their spiritual formation.
1. Attend all General Staff Meetings.
2. Along with the other facility staff, rotate weekend duty.
A. See that solid waste is collected regularly and disposed of in county-approved refuse collection sites.
B. Be on call for any needs the group has during the week or weekend.
3. Under the direction of the Building Maintenance Coordinator:
A. Oversee and perform maintenance on all New Life Ranch Buildings (Cabins, Residences, etc.). Building maintenance specifically includes but is not limited to: Maintaining roofs, gutters, siding, decks, windows, doors and hardware, interior and exterior painting, drywall, toilets/faucets/ showers, interior drinking fountains, flooring, drywall, air filters, HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, water heaters, lighting and electrical systems, building telephone system, septic systems, kitchen equipment, and winterizing buildings.
B. Maintain and control physical operations of the swimming pool. Be knowledgeable about the State Health Department regulations concerning chemistry and physical equipment. Coordinate pool cleaning and chemistry control with lifeguard staff.
C. Supervise and schedule those assigned to you seeing that their job is performed efficiently and safely. Assist in recruiting and hiring hourly building maintenance assistants. Be aware of Workman’s Compensation regulations and see that they are followed.
D. Work with the Vehicle and Equipment Manager to keep equipment (i.e backhoe, trucks, mowers, weed eaters, chain saws, etc), in good repair.
E. Along with the other facility staff, help keep grounds neat and clean as they provide the first impression for visitors upon the grounds. These grounds are dedicated to the glory of God and should be maintained in a manner that will glorify Him.
F. Participate in the budgeting process for your area of ministry.
G. Help with other projects as directed by Facilities Director.
H. Assist in other facilities areas as needed. We are a team.
I. Maintain a servant spirit in all dealings.
J. Maintain and operate the drinking water system for camp.
EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: A college graduate and/or sufficient experience in building maintenance to perform the duties of the Building Maintenance Manager.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid - Must Raise Partial Support
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



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Job Contact:
Brian Palmer
(918) 422-5506

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