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Camp Director

1/11/2016 to 8/12/2016 (possible transition into year-round position)

Our Summer Camps for people with special needs requires the leadership skills, proven Camp experience, and coordinating expertise of a Director before, during, and after six Camp sessions, including one week of pre-Camp counselor training.

Pre-Camp Responsibilities:
• Meet with Executive Director at least once a week
• Report tasks completed and hours worked with a weekly Time Card
• Recruit, interview, select, and hire all counselors/staff
- This may be accomplished through church vistis/relationships, online/Christian college sites, personal relationships, etc.
- Identify and select Lead Counselors
- A Program Director or Assistant may be hired to help 1 month prior to the beginning of Camp
• Work with a healthcare professional to create “Standards of Care”, hire necessary staff, inventory and purchase needed medical supplies
- Depending on necessity and/or funds, a Medical Director may be hired to help 1 month prior to the beginning of Camp
• Create theme and outline of program for each session of Camp
• Identify, inventory, and secure all supplies for Camp
• Contact, schedule, and confirm all Camp Chaplains/presenters/guest speakers
• Contact companies regarding donations (food, supplies, activities, etc.), then schedule and arrange for pick up of donations & manage storage at our facility
• Help place guests in specific Camp sessions & assign counselors to guests
• Identify and develop leadership and ministry teams (Program, Worship, Puppets, Drama, Crafts, Activities, Games, etc)
• Revise counselor manual & plan Counselor Training week (to equip Camp Counselors), working with healthcare professional

During Camp Responsibilities:
• Communicate and work closely with all camp staff (counselors, volunteers, medical personnel)
• Delegate responsibilities to competent staff
• Prioritize care of guests, Camp leaders, and Camp counselors
• Oversee all transportation and pick up site details
• Troubleshoot and resolve Camp-related situations
• Complete and submit Camp paperwork or forms
• Track and relay payroll information during Camp

Post-Camp Responsibilties:
• Work with Executive Director to develop a step-by-step manual on how to coordinate Camps and make notes about “do’s & don’ts” for next year
• Present a “Camp Recap” to Board at August Board Meeting

Character Requirements:
• Have a strong personal relationship with the Lord
• Demonstrate creativity, vision, and self-initiative
• Demonstrate leadership and problem-solving skills
• Have a general knowledge of a variety of special needs conditions
• Have compassion, patience, and a servant’s heart for those with special needs
• Understand the need for and be comfortable communicating both encouragement and correction to subordinates

Salary & Benefits:
• Depending on experience – Submit your resume, then call for more details.
• A 3-bedroom, 2-bath on-site house with garage will be available/provided for director and family. All utilities are included, but food and any other expenses will not be provided.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



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Job Contact:
Tom or Rochelle
(209) 524-7993

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