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Summer Program Videographer


To assist in the development and promotion of PCCC program camps by connecting campers to Christ through personal interaction, creation of program movies, and concept work for summer and future program camps.

• Help in the creation, implementation, and management of media (photos, video, graphics)
o Website graphics and editing videos
o Creation of Program Movies
• Help in the capture of video and photos during camps
• Concept work / creation of marketing materials for program
• Concept work / creation of program camps for 2014
• Assist in posting summer updates on our various program blogs
• Overlap may occur in oversight of activities, registration duties, and various other program-related needs
• Keep regular, timely attendance while maintaining a clean, safe and unobstructed workplace*

* These duties are not exhaustive; with consideration of the job requirements and employee’s skills, this job description may be amended at the discretion of the employee’s immediate supervisor


• Demonstrates a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, exercising personal faith through consistent daily living in accordance to God’s Word
• Understands the mission of Palomar Christian Conference Center and is in agreement with its Statement of Faith, and submits all other goals and desires to that main goal
• Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Possesses interpersonal skills such as are required to maintain positive relations with both staff and guests
• Possesses excellent customer service skills and presents a professional appearance and demeanor
• Possesses strong attention to detail and organization while managing multiple priorities
• Is proficient in basic Microsoft applications (Windows, Office, etc.)
• Must have experience and knowledge through personal study and work experience.
• Proficient in Photoshop, Final Cut or iMovie and similar editing programs
• Should have good analytical and networking skills
• The candidate must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and must have good leadership quality

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Audio Visual



Updated: 2/6/2015 12:03:38 PM

Job Contact:
Christina Roy
(760) 742-3400

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Why work at Palomar Christian Conference Center:

The mission of PCCC is to provide a unique place of ministry, in a forested environment, where churches and Christian organizations, subscribing to our Statement of Faith (see web site for details)...

34764 Doane Valley Road
    Palomar Mountain, CA 92060-0160

(760) 742-3400

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